Interview with  Chris Sorem. Recently I’ve just finished and few albums with Rufus Wainwright, Los Lobos, Sam Wilkes and of course Crane Like The Bird
Interview · 09/20/2021
Today we have Chris Sorem before us. We want everyone who reads us to learn more about his work and something about his life. I went to collage for a couple years studying engineering, while also building my first studio in my grandmas back yard, where I would record local bands and make my own music. Im mostly self taught, I learned bits and pieces working with other engineers but really experience is the best way to learn
Interview with Kyle Crane, composer of the Californian band Crane Like The Bird, about his new single of the next album "Spade A Spade" (feat. Ben Bridwell)
Interview · 09/10/2021
Interview with Kyle Crane, composer and leader of the Californian band Crane Like The Birds, about his new single off the next album "Spade A Spade" (feat. Ben Bridwell) Ben Bridwell-Vocals Kyle Crane-Music, Lyrics, Production, Drums, Piano, Synths, B3, Percussion, Additional Engineering Brian Green-Guitars, Juno, Additional Engineering Solomon Dorsey-Bass Chris Sorem-Mix and Engineering Wolfgang Zimmerman-Vocal Engineer Ruairí O'Flaherty-Mastering
Interview · 06/07/2020
Kevin Smith entrevista a Ion Bon sobre su trayectoria y el sentido de este nuevo album The New Time. El título de esta sesión es Música y Política
Interview · 06/07/2020
Kevin Smith interviews Ion Bon about his career and the meaning of this new album The New Time. The title of this session is Music and Politics