Music and politics. Kevin Smith interviews Ion Bon

Did you have to go through quarantine in Spain?

My family and I had the tickets taken out to fly to London on March 9, but we finally had an abortion and we stayed here in Spain, specifically in the northwest of the peninsula. It was all very messy and it was all very confusing. We did a family vote and decided not to go. Then what everyone knows happened

Is music is or should it be political?

Honestly, I think that today everything is political and in a way it always has been. When the industry and its public are small. Then it enjoys independence because it reaches practically no one and its influence is nil. But if for some reason it becomes mass and becomes big business, then everything is political, with politics the media program music and give it a place in social prestige, as well as festivals and concerts that mostly pay for budgets of the state. Everything is subsidized.

But in your case this does not happen

True, in my case it doesn't happen because I am what you would say in literary slang a cursed writer. Damn because I can't get out of ostracism, so it's as if it doesn't exist or only exists for me or for four resilient strangers who search and rummage past the official lists. But for trends I don't exist. As there is neither annoying nor benefit to any political elite. You are like a stateless person. It doesn't matter if you have a good play, a good plot or whatever. No one is going to bother with you. I call this ignored freedom.

You change on each album. Change sound, instruments, sometimes even genre. Why ?

I like that each job is different from the previous one and the one that will precede that I'm usually already working on it.

For a few years now I have generally worked on three or four different sounds and sound ideas at the same time, on different platforms, precisely to be able to work together in space time and yet very different in terms of sound. For example, from October 2019 to June 2020 I have recorded and edited three albums that have nothing to do with each other and I am working on two others that are far from the those three.

But what about five albums in less than a year?

Well, it wasn't always like that, but lately something similar happens to me to the feeling that Neil Young has, that time is running out and he wants to record and release new material as much as possible.

I spent a decade studying and did not edit anything. But since I started the Ion Bon project I have been in this dynamic.

Do you say that this work is developed in a field of the science fiction genre, which speculates on human behavior and interactions with its environment, always framed in this science, what to say that what you write is fictitious?

In general, the creator is linked to work, as if he firmly believed in what he wrote and that they were simply personal experiences or opinions. Fortunately, this does not happen in many arts such as theater, opera, cinema, but curiously, musicians want to be pigeonholed in what they only wrote about what is oriented and it is not always the case. It is true that there are many who write about what it feels like, there are many who sing what others write without feeling anything and are only guided by the possibility of a sale or commercial success, regardless of anything else.

If we stick to what we expect from one or the other, we could not have the freedom to write about anything due to the feeling or nonsense we have, which would greatly limit our possibilities, both lyrical and instrumental. It is as if we were expected to be confessed politicians or philosophers, clerics or atheists defending one or another doctrine. Imagine all the writers that filled our tables with science fiction novels, detective novels, suspense, love stories, Marvel superheroes, etc. It could never have been written. So I emphasize that it develops in the science fiction genre.

Reading a text from one of his songs Wolf of Men "Don't invite me to drugs,I have never tasted them

and I want to continue like this.I know you want to insert a microchip under my skin like if I'm a pet

but I love my dog and you don't love me the same way.I know who you are, the race of your soul and your body. You are the wolf of men.

I see it in your gaze hidden under the words of cheap politics traveling from East to West coast.

I have fever, I don't know if Im going out today,

Oh no.... I forgot that I can't, I have a national confinement order. Individual Freedom does not exist in front of the collective, the group prevails over the individual ...this is the eternal dispute.

I will think that it is a dream and that this is not happening, I will think of the land of my ancestors;

full green and lush hills. I'll be waiting there"

To viewers it may seem apology, and being in favor or not with the situation we have just experienced in many countries, makes a clear mention of confinement, future microchipping ... some will agree with you and others will be totally against it. What can you say about it?

You see, everyone is very susceptible to what one can say. Look I am not Trump or Biden, nor Sanchez nor Casado, nor Boris nor Starter, I am only a composer, musician and interpreter who does not militate in anything that  myself. People decide who wants to govern them and why and I as a citizen have to live what my peers, good or bad, or believe that it was good or bad.

Anyway, in response I will tell you that it is inspired by some current series that repeatedly play on what I write here, series such as Colony, The 100, which in order to live are capable of exterminating anyone who stands in their way. Nothing really that the human being has not historically done, sad but real.

But you are not going to position yourself on one side or the other?

Look, for a few years I have observed that the social media type Facebook the people I know expound their opinion and if it is from one party or others. I see it in people from Spain, from Uk, from Canada, from the USA. Many seem to work for whatever political party. I don't know if they do it out of pure conviction or if they get any revenue. I suppose that for the latter, since the ultimate goal of the policy is to generate profits and improvements in citizens, but in my case I do not obtain any credit from it nor do I hope to obtain it. What I do notice is that they become increasingly polarized, more radicalized and they expel his olds friends that they once were, when they were happy to increase a friend on Facebook.

About to turn 50 I know it would be the pasture of one and the other, and believe me, I have no intention. I know what I know and everyone knows what they know.


Kevin Smith, London, England

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