Interview with Kyle Crane, composer and leader of the Californian band Crane Like The Birds

Kyle Crane
Kyle Crane

I wish I could be doing this interview at the Ritz Hotel tearoom in London or Madrid, but current circumstances make it difficult.

  First of all, I want to congratulate you on his new job. He just released his single Spade A Spade. Tell us a little about how the inspiration came about and why you have decided to release your new work and how many songs your new LP will have. Also if he is going to launch song by song or if on the contrary he will soon launch the entire album.


Thank you! The Ritz tearoom sounds delightful. The inspiration behind this song was when I bumped into my first girlfriend after not seeing her for awhile. Initially upon seeing her I was flooded with all the emotions that I used to feel but then had to remind myself that it didn’t work out for a reason. Im not sure if you guys have the expression in Spain “call a spade a spade” but it means to accept something for what it is. 

Vinyl is currently being made but it’s a long waiting list because the record plants are backed up due to COVID. It’s because of this I decided to start releasing songs as singles until the Vinyl arrives. There will be 11 tracks on the record. 


Before doing this interview I had the opportunity to listen to this new 3:39 second song a few times.

From my point of view the song is direct, fresh, with a rhythmic base that pushes the work towards a universe of rhythm that perfectly handles freshness. Freshness that is not bad at all, precisely because of the events that each and every country in the world is experiencing.

  A very balanced production that makes you fall in love and that sounds great to your ear. Brian Green's guitars are perfectly heard, which in this song have a notorious importance, and of course the bass that Solomon Dorsey plays, which gives the necessary support without excelling in the mix and that by the way we have also been able to hear him sing. with Scary Rockets. He can appear with his voice in one of his new songs. Could be?


Thank you , yes my production approach on this was to keep it simple rather than some of the other songs that I composed string arrangements for. Brian is my long time friend and band mate in Rufus Wainwright’s band and Solomon plays with me in Madison Cunningham’s band so we have a nice report. 


Let's talk about the voice that in this song the singer is Ben Bridwell (he is better known as the lead singer of the American rock band Band of Horses and former member of the band Carissa's Wierd).

Tell us how and why you chose Ben to make this single. The voice is recorded in different pitches and this greatly enriches the performance. I notice that in men he always chooses sharp voices, tenor, and yet I remember the voice of his first work with Sabina, which is precisely more mezzosoprano, being a woman. Can you explain why this choice is due? From my point of view, this is a fresh and incredibly fresh pop song.


Ben is one of my favorite singers. His Band of Horses albums were the sound track of my college years. 

The song is sung in octaves as well as a middle harmony on the choruses. I really like that sound. 

I’m not sure why I connect with certain vocalists but the common thread amongst them are that I feel deep emotions when I listen to their own music. 


You are recognized as one of the most reputable American drummers in the world and yet you never cease to amaze us and you have ventured since 2019 to show that you are also an excellent composer in addition to playing other instruments and struggling with production, lyrics, production, drums, piano, synths, B3, percussion, additional engineering Can you explain why you have this concern? Why you want to experiment with new sections and more specifically composition?


Thank you, it’s nice to play drums with folks I admire but it is also very fulfilling to have something that I have complete creative control over. 

I studied songwriting at Berklee and it’s nice to apply things I learned.


There is one thing that draws our attention powerfully and it is the collaborations that he always gets for his releases. We believe that it is not due to a voluminous check book that a wealthy multinational company puts on the table and yet always gets the best international singers to sing for you. I'm not going to ask you the secret (sure you know it, but you shouldn't tell it). I'm going to tell you what I believe: they collaborate with you because they have discovered that he is not only an extraordinary drummer, but that he is a fantastic songwriter. But from the experience I have in life, I know that all this (which is incredibly important) would not be enough for big stars to collaborate with you. That brings me to the main idea and that crowns the reason why they collaborate with you, and that is that everyone appreciates your way of being, your way of behaving, your humility and your friendship.


I am lucky that they liked the songs I wrote and that I have played drums on many of their songs as well. 


The mixing and engineering is in charge of Chris Sorem, please tell us why he has chosen him again for this new work.


Chris mixed my last record and I have found that his sensibilities are very close to mine so it’s not a struggle to achieve what I envision.


Regarding the lyrics, I see that they are about love. Love is always present in our lives. Tell us how you have been inspired and if it has been in something particular and by the way, how is love? Is important for you?. Do you see it as an engine that should govern our lives?


I do believe love drives everything and it’s because of this that so many songs are about it.


It strikes me that you always have memories of your ancestors. In a certain way you venerate them and you always have them present not only in your heart, but you communicate it to the four winds. Tell us who the people in the unique cover photo are and why.


In the photo are my Grandparents and my father and his two brothers. They all lived together at an airport because my Grandfather managed it and provided 24 hour service. My grandparents were very young when they married so this image made me think of Love.


You have come to Europe a lot in recent years to work with American, Canadian, and European artists from Sweden and Spain. You plan to visit us again. Do you maintain contact with these artists despite the physical distancing imposed by the pandemic?


  It’s been hard to make it back to Europe with Covid but I hope to go back soon. I like keeping in touch through Instagram and seeing how everyone is doing through their photos.


Thank you for this interview and I take the opportunity to tell you that we have a good tea with pending pastries.


Thank you so much! I send my love to you and the people of Spain 🇪🇸