Bob Lanois is a Canadian sound  engineer  brother of the prestigious producer Daniel LanoisBob Lanois has been kind enough to collaborate with Ion Bon on his album "Oxide" highlighting his other facet, which is that of a photographer. For the cover he shoted his Canadian friend Paul Vasilak

Bob Lanois-Snake road





All these friends have been extraordinary

acts selfless for the mere pleasure of it

I want to thank your

time generosity and love

The world is better off with

people like you .

Thanks to Bob Lanois & Paul Vasilak



We have in our hands the possibility of transforming the world

Paint it with love 

1.  Machine

2.   Dan Lanois

3.   Rocco Lap

4.  Oxide

5.   Street Bon (Canada)

6.   Cafe Racer

7.   Please

8.   The Tunnel

9. Paint the Universe

10. Years & Life

11. Canada