Ion Bon

Ion Bon

Paul Vasilak by Kat Wilkinson

Paul Vasilak by Bob Lanois

A composition and recording four months. Canada has been a very great for this work by all the friends I have there. I have made all these issues in London and Coruña and my air travel between these two cities.

A great source of inspiration have been Canadian & US friends, namely Dan Lanois ,Rocco de Luca, Paul Vasilak…


The first time I discovered Rocco fascinated me, the strength of his guitar, skill and mimicry between his guitar and voice. A track of this new work is called Rocco Lap.

I got the passion for motorcycles later, greatly influenced to see bikes of Rocco and Paul Vasilak. The truth is that I always got the impression motorcycles and much respect, like flying, for many years I had a lot phobia. 

I have been back many times since  A Coruña, northern Spain by car to the border of France, then take the train to Paris and finally another train to London. A journey of more than 20 hours, in a plane at 1:30 am because I would not get on a plane. I'm not a fearful person but being on a plane any movement caused me great distress.

In a song called Cafe Racer,  another Plane, I have paradoxically made on the airplane. 

Now that my body is oxidized, my heart  is deoxidized. That's my evolution and my conversion.

OXIDE is the sound emanating from the feeling that I evoke some people who are part of my world network;  people without this new communication model would be virtually

impossible having met and less maintain a semi permanent contact. 

Friends with whom you share concerns and love for the music, the image, the transmission of emotions, feelings; an inside pushing out.

Finally a song called Dan Lanois, inspired by the aura of Daniel Lanois, an artist of pure feeling in his creations.


All songs were written and recorded in London, in Coruña and in the airplanes. With what? I'll tell when I remove the oxide.



The actor of the front page is Paul Vasilak, and the photographer is the brother of Daniel LanoisBob Lanois Canadian sound engineer and  music producer. The second Photo is the Kat Wilkinson too with Paul.  

Bob Lanois has been kind enough to collaborate with Ion Bon on his album "oxide" highlighting his other facet, which is that of a photographer. For the cover he shoted his Canadian friend Paul Vasilak