Over 25 years commercial experiencere 

full project management from hearsals to masters

passionate about originality in music and quality in sound

live bands and live studio recording a speciality dedicated

to delivering results on time and on budget



experienced in a wide range of genres composition and music for media



We have a German acoustic piano and a Yamaha acoustic drum .

Microphones and other material.

We move the equipment needed

to do the recording that is required 



We do the best English tea and listen to what you need to find the best approach to your work. We want that your music to be unique, full of life

The place does inspiration. A house of over 500 years in the center of Galicia. All stone, surrounded by hectares of enchanted forests , filled with green grass and trees. A treat for the eyes and soul.

                       and relax picking some chestnuts

in the fields


 or inspire the soul

reeding in our library




and let yourself be intoxicated by the green

Studio A is built around a unique, vintage D&R Orion 32 mixing console, from the late 1990`s Formerly owned by Go studios in Madrid where it played a part in many great classic albums from the likes of La Unión, Bose, Sanz. Comparable to a vintage SSL in terms of quality, but with it's own unique sonic signature, this is one great sounding board. The mic pre's are transparent, open and detailed, the eq's powerful, smooth and musical. The stereo imaging superb!