Over 25 years commercial experiencere 

full project management from hearsals to masters

passionate about originality in music and quality in sound

live bands and live studio recording a speciality dedicated

to delivering results on time and on budget



experienced in a wide range of genres composition and music for media

Machines that we love for its sound and precision

Rode Classic Valve Tube NTV 1996. As a vocal mic, the NTV has all the sonic hallmarks of a 'nice' tube microphone. Fixed cardioid-pattern mics sometimes exhibit a slightly nasal quality, but the NT1 sounds natural and open, with a subtly flattering low end combined with good definition in the mid range. The high end is detailed yet smooth, with no tendency towards excessive sibilance. The overall sound has that slightly compressed, forward quality associated with the best vocal valve mics. Compared with my NT1, which I like very much, the sound is not dissimilar in a 'broad strokes' kind of way, but when you focus in on the detail, the NTV is definitely a 'bigger', more open-sounding mic, capable of pulling the vocals closer to the listener. Though the overall impression is of a natural, uncoloured sound, there's actually quite a bit of gentle flattery going on, and the end result is a somehow more solid sound which is better 'integrated' than any of the solid-state mics I had for comparison.

The Mustang Bass still captures the original's feisty mid-'60s vibe, introduced in 1966 as a cool short-scale alternative to its long-scale big brothers. The last original Design of leo Fender


considered the best listening monitors the world

Avalon Compressor AD2044:

Dual Mono-Stereo, Pure Class A Opto-Compressor

• Smooth musical detail and sonic excellence 

• Minimum audio signal path 

• Pure Class A, 100% discrete design 

• Dual mono or Stereo operation 

• Transparent, non-invasive compression 

• Very low noise -94dB 

• High headroom +30dB 

• Fully balanced inputs and outputs 

• Long lasting, stainless steel hardware 

• External 150W toroidal power supply 

• 100% discrete power supplies for audio path 

• All signal routing w/sealed silver relays

• External side-chain access XLR 

• Low distortion less than 0.5% THD and IMD 

• Wide bandwidth -3dB 1Hz to 450kHz 

• Large accurate professional VU meters 

• Variable threshold, ratio, attack & release 

• DC coupled, no transformers in audio path 

• Fully balanced inputs and outputs

Mixer D&R Orion 32 

Analog mixer with 32 tracks

Fostex 2 tracks

Reel To Reel

MOTU's HD192 Core PCI-e sets new standards for features and value as a two rack-space 12-channel high definition audio interface for Mac and Windows. The HD192 provides high-quality audio recording and playback on 12 balanced XLR analog inputs and outputs at any standard sample rate up to 192kHz, with expansion up to 48 channels of 192kHz! And the HD192 is full of advanced features, like AES/EBU I/O with sample rate conversion both in and out. Ideal for surround applications, the HD192 can support two simultaneous 5.1 mixes.

Studio A is built around a unique, vintage D&R Orion 32 mixing console, from the late 1990`s Formerly owned by Go studios in Madrid where it played a part in many great classic albums from the likes of La Unión, Bose, Sanz. Comparable to a vintage SSL in terms of quality, but with it's own unique sonic signature, this is one great sounding board. The mic pre's are transparent, open and detailed, the eq's powerful, smooth and musical. The stereo imaging superb!